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Estoril VS Sporting Lisboa match analysis

I really doubt that the Sporting will humiliate themselves in match against the member of second division and allow Estoril to expel them from the Cup. This is a knock-out game, only one match will be playing and the winner goes on. This is 1/32 final and  Sporting last year dropped by Porto in 1/4 final with catastrophic lose of 5-2 and it is certain that they didn't forgot that. Right now, Sporting is on the 10th place on the table with just two wins from seven matches, which is terrible. There is no doubt that after a break (because national teams) they will enter better in the season than before. Sporting will also play for a few days at home against Gent in the League of Europe. That the situation in Sporting is too much better showed us a cannonade in EL where they recently destroyed Levski Sofia 5-0. Estoril is a member of the Second Division, last year it was 11th in this competition with only 7 wins from 30 matches. The difference in quality here is very clear and there is no need to talk. I hope Sporting will come out  motivated, and there is no reason not to be, and will beat Estoril as it did in their only two matches thay were played. Both matches were completed convincing Sporting victories 4-0,4-1. There is a big difference in Portugal between "leading four" and the rest of the league, and the difference between the leagues is even bigger. I believe that Sporting will prove it today  because this is knock out match and there is no time for joking.
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