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C.Zvezda VS Radnicki





C.Zvezda VS Radnicki match analysis

I think the bookies set the odds wrong and the situation is this just because the one of the teams is Red Star. Red Star is deffinitly one of the weakest teams this year in NLB and also in its history. This situation proves the fact that they are easily lbeaten in the first two games with double digits and even in the preparatory matches nothing better are shown. This is a total colaps of the system where the end is not on sight. Players do not have the support of fans for years, the administration always has money problems, players and coaches go all the time. The only hope was in season  when Pesic led the team but he also left when he saw what it is.. Radnicki, like Red Star, have two defeats from two matches. I watched them on Wednesday in a match with the Czech Nymburk and I expect, that if nothing else, to be a solid team. For sure, better matches and the results they will record at home in Kragujevac, but this bad Red Star simply has to beat. In the team is former Hemofarm player  Vukosavljevic who can play well under the basket, there is also a former Red Star player Dragojlovic who can play very good pick and roll, there is Lee, who can score a lot of points, simply Radnicki has a much stronger weapons. Their coach is Muta Nikolic, very good trainer who is a great motivator and who has a great desire to beat R.Star, especially in Belgrade. This odds have value for me, I expect much smaller odds till the beginning of the match, so I would take it now. Still I'm bit afraid of the results in the NLB of last round where almost all the results came opposite(Igokea defeat, Radnicki ...) but I hope this will not be the case now because I believe that Muta Nikolic is angry with two losses.  
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