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San Jose Earthquakes VS Houston Dynamo


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San Jose Earthquakes VS Houston Dynamo match analysis

Tonight we have a match between two rivals from the Western Conference. San Joze is located on the 5th place while Houston is at the last, eighth. It should be said that the Houston is the second worst team in both conferences but it is an very effective team that provides a lot of goals on their matches and whose game is by far the most interesting in whole league. By the total number of goals Houston is a team whose viewers see the most goals, and that's the case throughout the whole  season. From the last 10 games 7 was in over. I also noticed one very interesting thing and that is that absolutely in all the matches that these teams played, both teams scored minimum one goal. 6 matches were played and five was in over. In one remaining was 1-1. I expect Houston to continue in the same rhythm like they did and San Jose could play one game with lot of goals because it is already time for that. Rival is a measure here and I expect something similar like in their previous matches.
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