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Blackburn VS Sunderland


Goal after Blackburn Score 1st and 1st Goal After 31 Minutes

Blackburn VS Sunderland match analysis

This bet is a combination of mind and heart. Therefore, it is not most objective. The mind says that the first half could easily end up with no goals, then bets on goal after 31 minute has meaning, but that first goal to achieve Blackburn is more a matter of the heart than the mind. I still do not know if Darren Bent will play tonight for Sunderland, which is the important fact for this tip. If he is not on the field, at least in the first half, then this tip will gets the power. Otherwise, this might be a problem. Last spring, on the match between these two teams Bent scored two goals, and the first of them was a minute before than Blackburn's player scored one. But the assumption is that if Bent will play he is still not a fit. At least I hope so. Tradition of their matches against each other says that even 8 of the last 9 matches ended at half-time draw, and only once in the last 11 mutual games the goal was scored before the 32nd minutes. Blackburn is host, I think light favorite, since they played more efficient on the previous matches than the last season. Kalinic is in good shape, and I expect that they score the first. Maybe, just Kalinic will do that.
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