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Swansea VS Queens PR


Under 2 goals

Swansea VS Queens PR match analysis

Two teams that has the best defence in the league. QPR has only let in 3goals in 11games. While Swansea only has let in 1 goal at home out of 5games. Can't see any of these teams scoring a lot of goals here. The league are playing 3rounds in one week so both teams will have that in mind so it's a bit easier to defend when fatigue comes into the picture. Iäm sure that Neil Warnock in the QPR camp will try to keep their record of no defeats yet and Swansea are unbeaten at home so they will try to keep their record running. 0-0 after the first half but maybe a late goal from either team and then a lock-down. Good odds and a medium stake :)   GL!!
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