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Korean GP - Qualifying




Sebastian Vettel

Korean GP - Qualifying match analysis

Sebastian and Mark are closely matched during this season, and that could be surprise as it was completely different picture last year, when Vettel dominate in qualifying. This should be explained by new tyres, and no race fuel in qualifying, which helped Webber, and also he is fully recovered from his injury. Despite the fact that they are closely matched, Vettel manago to beat Webber on each new track this year, and also, last year. That's mean Vettel was quicker in Singapore twice, in Valencia twice, and in Abu Dhabi. Looks like Webber is not able to learn new tracks as quick as Vettel.. or Vettel doesn't know old ones like Webber knows them.. Well, reason is not important for this bet, the important thing is that Vettel always beats Webber on new tracks. Good luck!
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