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Genoa VS Grosseto


IT Italy


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Genoa VS Grosseto match analysis

For this match both teams will enter with an altered composition of players. The home team is weakened by absences several offensive players, but Genoa is known for having a lot of players who are dangerous to the opponents goal. Coach Gasperini also will not give up attacking 3-4-3 formation, even when playing in front of their supporters should expect effective Genoa. Grosseto is a desperate start of the season and is one of the worst away team of the Seriea B.The opposite of rivals, they will miss a couple of starting defenders, while the attack led by only one attacker (former Genoa player) who has announced he will achieve at least one goal and that his team will not only defend. I expect the proving of players of both teams, but certainly a couple of goals as both goalkeepers were not much on the field this season. gl & forza genoa  
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