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Tottenham VS Everton




Tottenham VS Everton match analysis

This game week start with one of the classic games Spurs- Everton. Spurs has a dramatic game against Inter in Champions league and once again proved that they are totally unpredictable. from losing with  4 goals in 34 min  and 1 person less on the pitch, they manage to finish 4:3 . Bale show us once again that this could be his season and the interest of Real Madrid is not just a rumor. This game show us something else.The defense this season is very weak and has nothing to do with last season games. Rednap has to solve this problem if they want to break again top 4. On the other side Rednap found the best scheme for his team Vandervaart behind the forward and with two very fast  wings like Bale and Lenon, Tottenham are real top team. Everton are in series of 4 games without goal ( in all tournaments). Last game they beat the local Liverpool and show us that the bad start of the season is over. Amazing Arteta and Cahill. They can be very dangerous with fast attacks. Cahill is master of the second floor in the penalty area so Spurs will have problems.  To bet on 2.5+ goals will be something smart.
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