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Korean GP - race match analysis

There would be six, maybe seven drivers in battle for top spots. Both Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari drivers, and probably Kubica will fight for top 3 spot. It is very hard to predict which team will have advantage here, but I am sure that Red Bull will not be as strong as they were at Japan. Singapore GP was race where Red Bull expected win, and Vettel was very close, but it didn't happen. Alonso and Ferrari were better. Webber was nowhere near Vettel, as he was losing 0.5 seconds per lap. Similar thing could happen here, as there be part of track, where Red Bull will lose time. Also, like Singapore this is a new track, and Webber isn't able to fill confident on new tracks like some other drivers. In comparison to Singapore McLaren would be stronger, and also, Massa probably will not be out in Q1. Massa learned new tracks quickly in 2008th, and Ferrari will be strong, so no-one should forget about him. It's gonna be one of the closest battles on top, and Webber has a problem with new tracks. It could cost him quite a few positions..
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