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Robert Kubica VS Felippe Massa





Robert Kubica VS Felippe Massa match analysis

Felipe Massa is the only driver that was quicker in Q2, than in Q3 and that speaks about his potential His times were 1:36.169 in Q2, and 1:36.571 in Q3. Kubica manage only 1:37.179 in Q2, and improved on 1:36.824 in Q3. I believe that it is fair to compare best times, so I believe that 0.2-0.3 from Q3 could be around 0.7 if Massa made decent lap. As you can see, pace-wise I have no doubts who is favorite. Both drivers will had to face with start on the dirty side, and that will be quite a challenge. Kubica and Renault are very strong on the start of the race, and I think that is why Kubica was very frustrated to be on the side of the grid that could bring him loss of some positions. I would like to add that this race will be hardly predictable as overnight rain will result loss of grip and that will have affect not only on the times, but also on durability of tyres. Probably we will see all kinds of strategies - not the normal one-stop race. Or it still might be a one-stop race but we might have some interesting tyres finishing the Grand Prix. Tough start, and maybe different strategies, so I am not ready for any higher risk, despite the fact that there is a big difference in pace.
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