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Robert Kubica VS Nico Rosberg




Robert Kubica VS Nico Rosberg match analysis

Rosberg was quicker today, and he will start from P5 after his Q3 lap 1:36.535, while Kubica will go from P8 with 1:36.824. To make it worse for Kubica, he will go from dirty side of the grid, while Rosberg is on clean side. How important is this, you can see from Kubica's words "I think P8 is like P11 almost. This morning [in practice starts] there were more than 20 metres difference on 80 metres [of running], so it is really a lot. People who start on the left hand side, unless it is raining, they will have a big disadvantage and unfortunately I am starting on the dirty side. If someone asks me, I think I would prefer to start P11 than P8. I would have better chances for overtaking into Turn 1, but that is how it is and we have to make sure that we lose as little as possible because definitely we will lose a lot of ground." I would like to add that this race will be hardly predictable as overnight rain will result loss of grip and that will have affect not only on the times, but also on durability of tyres. Probably we will see all kinds of strategies - not the normal one-stop race. Or it still might be a one-stop race but we might have some interesting tyres finishing the Grand Prix. Better starting position and better pace from Rosberg are reasons to bet on him.
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