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MHC Martin VS HK SKP Poprad





MHC Martin VS HK SKP Poprad match analysis

Poprad has been a very nice series. With eight victories of the last ten matches Poprad made a major move towards the top of the table. This team is much stronger than at start of the season and, now, we definitely can be sure that this team will play a significant role in the play-offs. They have shown us that two days ago when they simply cleaned up from the ice the pre-season favorite and official champions Slovan, 5-0. However, they have to improve their game away, where, so far, they have made only three wins, two of them after OT. On the other hand, Martin, which played in semi-final of the last season play-off, is in completely the reverse situation - eight defeats and only two victories of the last ten matches. Because of that management of the club changed the coach. Instead of Dusan Gregor the team will be led by head coach juniors Mr Jaroslav Husár and his assistants will be playing Brandon Stolárik and assistant Marek Uram. Many people expect better results already from today's match against Poprad. The task is not easy, especially because Martin suffered  very hard defeat on the last match at home, 1:5 against very weak guest Zvolen, two days ago. This year Poprad and Martin already played against each other. Martin won at home against OT, 3:2, but it was almost before two months, while Poprad won 5:0, also at home, but three weeks ago. The last year both team won away.  It can be risk tip, with respect to changes on the bench of Martin and bad away results of Poprad, and because of that I take DNB and the medium-strong stake. If we looked at fine form and strength of both teams, it would be a bet on a clean victory of Poprad.
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