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Portland Trail Blazers VS Phoenix Suns



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(-7) Home Team

Portland Trail Blazers VS Phoenix Suns match analysis

Portland have very talented team and very good, they have one of the best players in nba (yesterday Kobe says that Roy is the most difficult to defend in nba) Brandon Roy and ex 1. pick in draft Greg Oden (in front of Durant) who hasn't reach his potencial. He has big problems with injuries as well as Portland last year and that stoped Portland last year in playoff, Phoenix defeated them in West Conference semi finals. Portland's 6 players have been injured 2 or more months including three first team players Roy ,Oden and Batum. All Portland players are finally healty and they are very motivated. I expect that Portland's Batum, one of the best defensive players in the nba, will stop Suns first scorer Richardson. Suns add Turkoglu, Childress and Warrick this year but  first PG steve Nash is older and older as well as Grant Hill and Suns lost they best player Amare Stoudimire this summer. Nash says last week that he doesn't expect that Suns will be in playoff this year. Tonight Portland wins +7 and more points , they better, younger, play better defence, more motivated and they play at home.
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