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Aachen VS Mainz match analysis

The 10th in 2nd Bundesliga Aachen is facing the leader of the Bundesliga Mainz.Aachen is in great run lately after hadnt lose a single game in their last 7 league matches.Also at home in front of their supporters Aachen has only 1 lose against Cottbus(2:3) in their last 11 home games.On the other side are Mainz.They are the pleasant surprise of the season after making quite great games lately.They are leading by 2 points on the second Borussia.This game will be played on 27th evening at 20:00,on the 30th afternnoo Mainz is facing the 2nd Borussia at home ! So Mainz will have only 28 and 29 to prepare for this big game.I am pretty sure Mainz coach is gonna rest some regular players so in that way will keep his best squad fresh and Un-injured for the derby.I am pretty sure Mainz is more focused on the weekend game and will use this cup game only as a training.Other intersting fact is that in last 8 games here , Aachen seems to play very comfortable against Mainz: Aachen Mainz 2:0 20.10.2008 Aachen Mainz 0:3 03.12.2007 Aachen Mainz 2:1 04.03.2007 Aachen Mainz 2:2 11.08.2003 Aachen Mainz 3:0 27.04.2003 Aachen Mainz 0:2 29.07.2001 Aachen Mainz 1:0 20.04.2001 Aachen Mainz 1:0 02.04.200 I expect strong motivated home side not to lose the game against the Bundesliga leaders , who are in complicated situation.
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