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Fiorentina VS Empoli match analysis

Did  Fiorentina stabilized itself after the victory which was finally achieved for the weekend? It is a question that will be answered tonight. This game is 1/16 of Italian Cup, the one who win this game will thorugh next round, because there will be jusrt one match, this one. A great advantage for Fiorentina will be home ground. Usually after the victory comes one more, especially when you play against opponent who is weaker as it is now the case with Empoli. However, Empoli has the incredible series without defeat. They are the  members of the second division and nobody beat them in that competition( series of 13 matches without defeat). There is another side of the coin, and that is that Fiorentina has won every match that was played against Empoli. At home they beat them in every single game, scored to them at least 2 goals, while onaway games get 2 of 3 matches and they were scored minimum a goal in every game. Coach Mihajlovic was in dangerous position, after the weekend is a little calmer atmosphere, and now pass on to the Cup is a chance that the situation at the club even further stabilize and eventually move in the winning series. While the opponent is very awkward (still unbeaten this season) I personally thing tat Fiore is going to win this one. Mihajlovic said the best line-up is gonna play, while the Empoli coach Aglietta completely renovated the team which will give younger players a chance. Italian Cup for Fiorentina is probably the only option to see the Europe next year and I believe that in this situation against an opponent who will play with a young lineup simply must triumph. Everything is on their side, they are hungry for victory as I have said, cup is the only option where they can hope for Europe as surely as a team with tradition deserve!
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