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Cleveland Cavaliers VS Boston Celtics match analysis

Cleveland starts season vs. Celtics who beat Miami last night. Rondo has 17 asists Ray Allen makes 3 point shots and Garnett played great defense as well as Boston. Miami with James Wade Bosh was too weak for them yesterday and i don't think that poorly Cleveland can beat Celtics. They play vs. Celtics last season in home opener and lose although they have Lebron,Iglauskas,Shaq and West (last two are now in Celtics). This year they gone and Cleveland who was last year 1. in hole nba in regular season now is complete different team. I think 30 wins this year gonna be a top for them. Last year  Boston beat Cavs in east conference semi final 4:2 and beat them 2 times in Cleveland in series. Boston is much better,they play great in guests and i expect win
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