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SSV Helsinki VS Trackers match analysis

SSV: -Hometean SSV has started their season with 5 wins/2 losses and goal difference is 41-35 and position is 4th.They have lost 2 of their last games and both last weekend against Koovee(cup+league) and im sure that there is coming really charged team to this game.SSV is once again one of top candidate to win league tittle and they are already four time on the trot Finnish champion.They have lot of Finnish nationalteam players on their team.SSV has Won both their homegames so far. TRACKERS: -Awayteam trackers has started their season with 3 wins/4losses with goal difference 39-52 and their position is 9th.Trackers has lost many of their best players couple of years now.They have very unexperienced team and many experts expected that they have very hard season. SUMMARY: -SSV is so angry because they lost both their last weekends game that come in this game like a wounded bear:).If we look at both teams squads(experience&quality) i think this game must ended homewin something like 8-2. gl!
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