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Germinal VS St. Truiden


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Germinal VS St. Truiden match analysis

11th on the table Germinal is facing the 13 St.Triuden.The difference between them is just 2 points but the difference in the class and the expectations between these two teams is much higher.St.Truiden is strugging so far with only 1 win agasint poor Charleroi in their last 8 games.They got 6 loses and 1 draw in last 8 games and even didnt scored a goal in 5 from their last 8 games.Last week they won with 3:2 very hard at home against Charleroi after Wagemaker received a red card in 74` result was 3:0 but till the end Charleroi scored twice and if they got much time i think even could take a point from Triuden.Germinal is expected to fight for european spots , but the team is performing very bad away from home.In front of home crowd they got 2-3-0 so far and seems to play very stable after winning even over Club Brugge.On the other side St.truiden got only 1 draw and 9 loses in their last 10 official away games!Germinal is playing very comfortable against St.Triuden last years at home and i think they can get easy 3 points tonight.   Belgian 1st Jupiler league 2009/2010 1 X 2 Germinal St. Truiden 4:1 07.11.2009 Belgian 1st Jupiler league 2007/2008 1 X 2 Germinal St. Truiden 2:1 19.04.2008 Belgian 1st Jupiler league 2006/2007 1 X 2 Germinal St. Truiden 3:2  10.02.2007 Belgian 1st Jupiler league 2005/2006 1 X 2 Germinal St. Truiden 4:0 15.04.2006 Belgian 1st Jupiler League 2004/2005 1 X 2 Germinal St. Truiden 3:1 15.05.2005
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