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AC Milan VS Juventus match analysis

Although Milos Krasic will not play for Juventus tonight, I believe that Milan is not enough strong to win vs Old Lady. Last year Juventus was weaker than now and Milan achieved two easy wins, both 3:0. Even in the heyday Milan didn't tie up three wins over Juventus. Tonight's win would mean break with this tradition. But,  if Milan is able to do that? I think, it doesn't. Even without Krasic and Buffon in the team of Juventus. Other players will play with more strength and the will to cover absent their teammates. Milan also has problem with absences. Ronaldinho, Silva, Ambrosini, Zambrotta and Oddo. All good players. Ronaldinho, Ambrosini and Oddo assisted for six of 13 Milan's goals. Who will compensate that? Robinho or Imbrahimovic? No, they are strikers, not assistants. Pato? He should be that one, but his play is not  high. I believe that Pirlo is only one real assistants without these absent players, but it question does it enough to win vs Juve. I know, Milan is really good at home this season, but Juventus isn't common opponent. Especially now, when Krasic's teammates feel indignation for his punishment and they will play tonight out of spite and they will not allow to Milan glory. Of course, low stake on that match, it is derby and @3.51 is satisfying.
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