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San Antonio Spurs VS New Orleans Hornets




Tim Duncan under 20.5

San Antonio Spurs VS New Orleans Hornets match analysis

Tim Duncan is one of the best power forwards in history,but he is 33, have a lot problems with injuries in last season and he is older and older and level of his games is lower than leven before 4 5 years , specially in regular season. Today he plays agains New Orleans Hornets, and Emeka Okafor is going to guard him. Emeka Okafor is limited player in offence but in defense he is great and i expect that he can stop Duncan and keep him under 21 points. Duncan's last season average is 17.9 points per game,and career average is 21.1 but vs. New Orleans is lower. In 36 games vs. Hornets he scoring 19.9 ppg. This season in home opener San Antonio wins vs. Indiana, and Tim played good and score 23 points (10/12 field goals),but Indiana is weak defensive team and today my opinion is under 20.5 points
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