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Dirk Nowitski under 26.5

L.A. Clippers VS Dallas Mavericks match analysis

Dirk Nowitski had free summer, he is healty and for me best power forward in nba even with 32 years. Last season he has 25 points per game, this year in 2 games average 27.5 ppg. In career 23.0 ppg but vs. Clippers in 39 games is lower - 21.3 . Today last year 1. draft pick Blake Griffin is going to guard him. Griffin is biggest favorite to win award 'rookie of the year' and great athlete and future all star player. I think that Griffin gonna keep Dirk under 26 points today and maybe lead Clippers to win. Dirk had last 2 games unreal 80% field goals, he cant score all time like that, in career he had 47.5% field goals. Dallas start season with 2 wins i expect average night for them
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