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New England Patriots VS Minnesota Vikings match analysis

Patriots are 5-1 so far and will play against their former reciever Randy Moss here. They traded him after their win over Miami. Moss known for being a problem and taking a lot of space will surely try to get back at the team that he played 3seasons for. Problem is that he might not have his best QB to serve him the football. Brett Favre are still fighting of a broken ancle. Add to that his big list of hurting parts in his old body. He has thrown way more interceptions than before and so early in the season and his pass ratio is way lower than ever. Patriots will surely look to giving him no time on the ball tonight and we will see how the Vikings linebackers can deal with that. Vikings are 2-4 so far in the season and will probably struggle to make the playoffs this season. Rumours are already circling that Favre will end his career after this one and a new QB could be lined up...maybe McNabb?? Anyway..Tom Brady, the pretty boy of NFL. He is so good with his formation going forward and all he needs is a minute to move up the fiel and cash out a TD. He is winning 85% of his home games and are on a 23games winning streak. Injuries; Rice still out for the Vikings.
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