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L.A. Clippers VS Dallas Mavericks match analysis

Clippers have started the season really poorly. Two straight losses and are having a match-up against Dallas who are 1-1  so far. Dallass have a record against Clippers in this match-up winning 12 out of 13 and looking for their 7 straight win against them. Clippers lost to Golden State with 18points..not very good against a team that are no way near the team Dallas is. Dirk Nowitski will have to work on his D while Jason Kidd has started off with an amazing 29 assists in 2games. These two are of course major players if the Mavericks will be wanting to stay on the positive side of the stats. This might not be that good of a pick but there is big difference here and Clippers are work in progress while the Mavericks are a well glued machine that sometimes have some hick-ups. This I hope won't be one. For the Clippers Gordon and his team-mates shot an embarresing 38% from the paint and will look to bounce back here but so are Dallas after their 91-90 loss to Memphis.
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