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under 22.5

New England Patriots VS Minnesota Vikings match analysis

Chargers are 2-5 and their opponents are the opposite 5-2. Chargers failed to win last weekend against the patriots even if they held them to under 200yards. It says a lot about a team that are struggling with fumbles and interceptions. They are leading the NFL in turnovers. Yes you guessed it..Titans are leading the NFL in sacks and takeaways. This matchup is not very good for QB Rivers who are missing some of his recievers out there. For the Titans Kenny Britt are demanding double coverege because he is tearing up on his the recievers end. If they do put to guys on him that will ease up on RB CJ and QB Young who will be playing again. This could be the first win ever for the Titans against San Diego. For me 3.10 is very interesting if you think about the weapons that Titans have. They are one of the most complete teams in the NFL.   Chargers have the best defense in NFL only allowing 226yards per game. Titans are 5th in this category with 304. While the Titans only allow 16points per game. This is a cruel matchup with two Defensive lines that can keep this game tight to the wire. Will be fun to watch from that perspective but not when it comes to scoring ;) Going for the under 22.5 in halftime.
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