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Arizona Cardinals VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers


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Arizona Cardinals VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers match analysis

Both teams are really bad at putting numbers on the board. Both are averaging 16.3 points per game. Also both teams are really bad at getting some yardage under their belt. All these facts are surprising giving the fact that Arizona are 3-3 and Tampa 4-2. Coming into this game both teams are especially bad at putting up numbers in the 1st half. Tampa are at an average of 7points while Arizona are a bit better at 8.5. Will these facts and stats help me here? Well I go for the line at under 20. Should there be 2TD's and 2FG's then I get the money back :) Also fact is that Tampas QB are ranked as one of the worst in NFL but in the 4th quarter he is ranked as number 2. Late starters...well let's hope they wait til the 3rd quarter before the frency starts.
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