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Nick Heidfeld VS Adrian Sutil




Nick Heidfeld

Nick Heidfeld VS Adrian Sutil match analysis

Those who was reading my tips know that there was a lot of them against Force India and Sutil. Those offers were too good to be truth, and bookies finnaly understood it, so there are no easy bets against Sutil any more. Same story about Force India, they have lost pace, other teams brought much better upgrades, and they are not competative any more. Adrian Sutil qualifyed 16th in Singapore, 15th in Japan and 14th in Korea. he was quicker Force india driver in this sessions. Hiedfield wasn't that much quicker (I was compareing Sutil and Schumacher two weeks ago and the gap was much bigger), but he was quicker every single time. In Singapore, Q2 15 Nick Heidfeld 1:48.557 16. Adrian Sutil 1:48.899 In Japan, Q2 11. Nick Heidfeld 1:32.187 15. Adrian Sutil 1:32.659 In Korea Q2 13 Nick Heidfeld 1:37.715 14 Adrian Sutil 1:37.783 As you know, Heidfeld came in from Singapore, so we have only last three sessions to compare. There was decent gap in first two races, but in Korea Sutil was really close to both BMW Sauber cars which doesn't make me, as someone who wants to bet against Sutil very happy. That is why I will limit my stake.
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