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K-Vantaa VS Jokipojat


FI Finland



K-Vantaa VS Jokipojat match analysis

HOMETEAM: - K-Vantaa(leagueposition:8th) has played so far 15 games 8 wins/7 losses with goal difference 42-37.Their homestats is 3rd best in league 8 games 6 wins/2 losses with goal diffrence 29-13.K-Vantaa get great goalie to this level from SM-league club HIFK Jan Lundell.He has played in Finnish top league this season 7 games with save precentage 91.46% and his ranking in hole league is 11th.K-Vantaa`s squad also included HIFK`s loan players defender Eddie Delgrosso,defender Rony Ahonen,forward Teemu Tallberg and from Jokerit forward Jani-Petteri Helenius and Olavi Vauhkonen. AWAYTEAM: - Jokipojat(leaguepos.6th) has played quite badly lately.They have in last 6 games 2 wins/4 losses with goal difference 18-18.Their awaystats is 8 games 3 wins/5 losses with 26-26.They missing because of injuries 2 of their good  defenders Ossi Karhunen(16 games 3 goals+6 assists) and Jarkko Immonen(13 games 3 goals+35assists).Jokipas has loss 4 awaygame a trot.Jokipojat has won against K-Vantaa away 4 times a trot,but today it`s much harder than then. SUMMARY: - K-Vantaa get great loan goalie Jan Lundell and 5(has played before also) other player who to belong SM-liiga(top level in Finland) organisation(HIFK&Jokerit).K-Vantaa is good hometeam and with this kind of roster their win is so close today! GL!
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