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Pamesa Valencia VS CSKA Moscow




Pamesa Valencia VS CSKA Moscow match analysis

Both teams started season with 0-2 score, and both teams lost their games with mor than 10 points. CSKA was beaten by Armani Jeans in Moscow, as they came late from American tour. In second round they played probably the toughest game (for them) in group, agains Panathanaikos in Greece. They are without Ramunas Siskauskas, Viktor Khryapa and Sasha Kaun. Valencia has 6 defeats in a row, inclooding those two in Eurolague. They scored only 119 points in first two game, which is in my opinion two little. Nando De Colo and Jeremy Richardson returned to action in the Spanish League this weekend but I am not sure that it will be enoug to beat CSKA. I am sure that Dusko Vujosevic knows how to use every player he has, and this is the best game to prove that. As I like to mention, his teams are becomeing better as season goes on..
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