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Kudryavtsev A. (Rus) VS Schuettler R. (Ger)





Kudryavtsev A. (Rus) VS Schuettler R. (Ger) match analysis

Generally, I have escaped challengers. But, today, two matches have attracted my attention and this is one of them. Schuettler Rainer is veteran of this sport. He is thirty-four years old and has had a great experience. However, although ranked as the 93rd ATP player he is forced to play challengers. This challenger in Astana is playing indoors, and Schuettler in his career won there 118 and lost 96 matches. This year he already played 9 such matches, won 4 and lost 5 of them. Kudryavtsev Alexander is younger player than Schuettler, he is twenty-five, and accordingly that he has played less matches than Schuettler, and he is ranked much lower - as the 175 player in the world. But he had more success indoors, 61 victories and 37 defeats. This year he won 21 and lost only 7 indoors matches. So far, they have not played against each other. Here, in Astana, Kudryavtsev already played two matches, and won both with 2:1, against experienced Udomchoke and Junaid. On both matches his opponents won the first set. Schuettler also played two matches, both won but the first one, against very young Donskoy, with 2:1, and than very easy, 2:0 (6:2, 6:2) against also young home player Braun.  In my opinion this game is ideal for over games, but I have nowhere found such an offer. It is not unusual for chalengers. They will play this match with a lot of games, but I think that the experiance will win against youth. In the previous two matches, against low-ranked Udomchoke (467) and Junaid (328), Kudryavtsev lost the first set and won matches with much efort. Schuettler is much better than Udomchoke and Junaid and he will win, probably in three sets, but certainly with over 21.5 games, I guess. Since, bookies do not have that offer, I take Schuettler win for not high, but decent odds.
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