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Partizan VS Zagreb



Partizan VS Zagreb match analysis

I think it's time to three-straight NLB champion, Partizan, play one game on a high level especially in their hall, Pionir. However, the difference in this match is that Partizan will play this time with a full squad, for the first time in NLB with the best players they have. Last week we saw a shameful defeat against Olympia in Ljubljana, although Partizan had a 13 point adventage at the beginning of 4 / 4. On Wednesday, Partizan was defeated from Maccabi in the Euroleague very easy without any fight. The players came out with statements in the press that they didn't deserve that kind of support from their fans who sang them half an hour after the game with Maccabi. Players saidthat they played without desire and didn't left the heart on the court. However, they promised that in this game, if necessary, they will die just to repay to their funs for such support. Zagreb is an old, but experienced team but in this match will have big problems with the roster. Partizan plays with all players and it can prevail at some point in the match, of course, in addition to quality that Partizan still owns. I expect a big game from Partizan finaly, to get this game with big difference because they know that they are obliged to all who like Partizan and I have no doubt that will happen.  
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