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24 drivers will start the race, and driver is classified if he manage 90% of race distance. Reliability issues in this part f the season should became rare, but as we saw in last race, you never can say that there wouldn't be some. Today's practice and qualifying session will be wet, but it is expected that race will be dry (weather forecast by autosport.com). This is main reason for me to take this bet. Wet races in Interlagos usualy produce a lot of retirements, so dry race is key for this bet. In last three races we didn't have 18 finishers, as there was two many incidents in Singapore, and wet Korean race, and in Japan we lost four drivers in first lap. This is something that was expected, as last part of the season, outside Europe, is always provides more-evantful and harder races to predict. Brazil is a part of this part of the championship, and it is a place where we've got last three champions. During the season, most of the races had 19 or 20 finishers, so I am ready to take some risks and bet that it will happen again.
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