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Kevin Durant over 27.5

Oklahoma City Thunder VS Boston Celtics match analysis

Kevin Durant is one of the top 3 nba players, last year he was 1. scorer in nba 30.2 ppg ( youngest first scorer in NBA history- born 1988.) and lead Thunders in playoff. He is tall for shooting forward, very fast and great 3 point shooter. He start this season very average and scoring 26.4 points per game with 37.4% field goals. He cant play so average all the time and i expect 30+ points. Tonight Oklahoma play vs. Boston and Boston hasnt some outstanding defensive player. Durant career average of points 25.3 , same vs. Boston in 6 career games -  25.3 ppg. When Kevin play home this year is much better scoring 29.0 ppg. Last game he score 28 points in 52 minutes in overtime vs. Portland, but he had 2 day rest. I expect that Rajon Rondo will be very agressive against Westbrook (Oklahoma's second scorer) and i hope that Kevin will take more shoots tonight. 1.80 odd on Oklahoma win is very intresting for me, Boston win last 3 games in Oklahoma and today is good chance to stop this row. 27.5 margin is low for me and i bet wtih little biger stake than usual.
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