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Toronto Raptors VS Golden State Warriors


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Andrea Bargnani over 20.5

Toronto Raptors VS Golden State Warriors match analysis

Andrea Bagnani, player with average career in Europe but however he was 1. pick on 2006. draft. Then was a better options like Brandon Roy, Rudy Gay and Rajon Rondo but Raptors decide select player who has similar style od game like Dirk Nowitski (Dirk was that year MVP in NBA). He is nothing special for me, this summer in qualifications for Europe Championship he failed lead Italy to the tournament. He is too poor player to be first scorer some nba team, maybe third but first - no chance. But, this year Toronto hasn't some good players, and he and Kleiza spending most of the shoots. This year in 6 games he spending average 17 shoots, and scoring 20.3 points per game (career average 13.8 ppg). Today he play against Golden State Warriors - one of the worst nba defensive teams. Last two games he was under, scoring away vs. Lakers 14 points and at Portland 12 points. Today he play home, against poor defensive team, and i expect that he can finaly be over 20 points. His is not good athlete but he has great shoot, and Warriors is team who allow a lot open shoots
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