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In last few years things went from bad to worse for Felipe Massa. After losing championship in last lap in 2008th, Massa suffered head injury in 2009th. In 2010th, he is back in cockpit, but he became driver #2 after poor start. His bad luck is still here, in Singapore he suffered mechanical failure in qualification, in Japan he collided with Liuzzi, and in Brazil, in front of his fans, Ferrari made pit error, so he had to make an extra (pit) stop. when it goes well, Massa is capable of making good result with Ferrari - podium in Korea proves that. It is expected that Red Bull will be quickest in Abu Dhabi, but I seriously doubt it. With all long straights, Abu Dhabi could be perfect place for Ferrari, and that is another reason to go with this bet. Well, even if not, even If Ferrari is second fastest car on the grid, Massa should be able to be in top 6. Brazilian qualifying was wet, so I will not count it, but in Korea Massa was very strong at dry. He should be able to do it again. I am bit afraid of what he did in Japan (failed to get into top 10 in qualifying), but the traffic was official reason for that failure. I will believe them.
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