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Pittsburgh Penguins VS Boston Bruins


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3 Or 4 Goals

Pittsburgh Penguins VS Boston Bruins match analysis

This is match between a club that I have always supported (Pittsburgh Penguins) and a club that I like this season (Boston Bruins). So, I cannot be objective in terms of final outcome. Watching this night offer, this match looks the most appropriate to the bet which I like to play.  They will play four matches against each other this season, and this one is the first. In five of the last seven starting games between them Boston scored 3 or 4 goals. So, it is only statistics, but I am just thinking out load. In the previous 11 rounds Boston scored 33 goals, so it is an average of exactly 3 goals per game. Pittsburgh conceded 39 goals on 15 matches, and it is an average of 2.6 goals per match. At home, Pittsburgh conceded 17 goals in 6 matches, or an average of 2.83 goals per game. Boston scored 22 goals on 6 away matches or an average of 3.67 goals per game. So, the statistic supports this bet, it is obviously. But, the match will play players, not statistics. Penguins lost five of the previous seven matches, but four of them were on road. Even though the lost those matches, their defense was a match for the task, above all thanks to goalie Brent Johnson, who had GAA 1.63 and .943 Sv% in eight matches. Penguins will be almost complete tonight, except of forward Jordan Staal, who broke his hand. Bruins linked defeats for the first time this season. For this high-quality team is sign that they have to discontinue that trend. Pittsburgh is not place for high enthusiasm, but Boston have enough good players to be at least equal rival tonight. They have two forwards out because of injury - David Krejci and Marco Sturm, but they have good scorer in the roster, above all Ryder and Marchand, who are in good form in this moment. I watched Burins, several times, and I am sure that they are able to score at least three goals to any team. Penguins have a good defense, and I hope that Bruins will note score more than 4 goals. 3 or 4 is very realistic.
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