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Avaí VS Goiás




Avaí VS Goiás match analysis

Avaí will try to forget the Brazilian League facing Goiás, on Ressacada, and they think on their qualification for the first time for the semi-finals of Copa Sul-Americana, and the winner of this competition will play  Libertadores next year. Threatned by relegation on Série A among Goiás, Avai do not deny that their main target is the maintenance on the league. A win tonight is very important to recover the confidence and motivate the group to Sunday, against Inter, on Beira-Rio. As they drew the first leg, in Goiânia, by 2-2, three results are positive to Avai against Goiás: win by ant result, goaless draw and draw 1-1. A 2-2 draw will be decided on penalty shoot-out. Na quarta-feira, o técnico Vagner Benazzi realizou um descontraído treino de dois toques e, depois, no final, os atletas treinaram cobranças de pênaltis. A equipe que deve entrar em campo é quase a titular. Benazzi relacionou 20 jogadores para a concentração e apenas dois serão liberados na véspera da partida. Some players should be saved, as the midfielders Caio and Diogo Orlando, the left back Eltinho and the forward Roberto. It doesn't mean they will be out of the game. Everyone should be at least on the bench. Som players had problems on the game against Botafogo and it depends how they feel. Certain is that the defender Rafael will play, after his return last Sunday. He is a very important player to the team due to his leadership. On attack,Avai can also have news. Marcelinho,recovered from injury, can replace the forward Roberto, who should be preserved to the game against Inter.  Avaí goalscorer on Sul-Americana, with two goals, Marcelinho has similar characteristics as Roberto and he use to play well on counter-attack. It will be a very hard game but Avai count with the support of their fans, as it happened on the last round, against Emelec. Only like that they can win the game and become stronger and confdent to the important game against Internacional, for the Brazilian Serie A.
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