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Gael Monfils VS Andy Murray





Gael Monfils VS Andy Murray match analysis

Both players are struggling big time in this tournament. Both Murray and Monfils should have lost yesterday, but both rallied a little bit in the crucial moments and won. Nevertheless, the odds on Murray are ridiculously low. He is still no Nadal or Federer. Yes, he is the favorite and yes, he should win on paper. However, Monfils is at home and the crowd was great when he played yesterday. We all know that Murray can get very annoyed by minor nuisances and that he still has the ATP Finals to play, so he may be a little bit less up for this (he already "tanked" some matches because he was looking forward to something else - and the ATP Finals are certainly more important for him than this match). I could understand odds around 2.70, but not 3.20 in my opinion. However, we need to be careful about stakes - this is not a match on which you should stake a lot of units. Nevertheless, with all things said - and we have not even considered Murray's possible health concerns (wrist especially) - these odds offer value for me.
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