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Nymburk VS Partizan match analysis

Well I wrote the same story about Partizan quite a lot of time, and to explain this bet, I will have to write it again. Last year Partizan had the best season since 1992, as they have won Adriatic League, Serbian League and Cup, and were on Euroleague Final 4 in Paris. But, that season didn't have easy start. It was 1-3 in Euroleague, and 5-4 in Adriatic. In the other part of Adriatic league they had 15-2. That's mean they beat pretty much everyone everywhere, and that is why this odd has decent value. Of course, Partizan isn't yet there, but there are on the way. New players are playing great at the moment, Lafayette does what he needs to do, and Gist already became one of the best and most important players of the team. I don't know how is it going to look after futher improvements, but this team looks really promising at the moment. After beating Prokom In eurolague, Partizan went to Czech Republic, as they are getting ready for the game. Nymburk had very easy schedule on the start of the league, easy opponents not by names, but by quality. They were beaten by Cibona and Krka, and that didn't impressed anyone. It is long trip to and from Czech Republic and that could be problem for them. Also, this is their first apperance in this league, and I believe that within few years they have ambitions to improve their quality and get into Euroleague. After beating Prokom, I think Partizan players will be able to do the same with easier opponent. They were very unhappy after they have lost game against Olimpija, so despite the fact that this is one of the strongest team in league, they always want to win games, evan when it is not important. And now, now it is important!
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