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Miami Dolphins VS Tennessee Titans match analysis

Miami Dolphins : So far they are 4-4 this season and without any win at home. Their losses has come to BIG teams Patriots, Steelers and Jets. Now they have a change in their quarterback position. Chad Pennington is coming for another Chad..Chad Henne. Pennington is one of the best QB's around and his deliverence are second to almost none. He is dead accurate and will be making his comeback here after being away from the game in over a year. The biggest problem for Miami this season has been the giveaways. So many interceptions Henne has thrown into are hard for a team to make up for. Now I belive they have the man to lead them forward and upwards. Tennessee Titans: TT are 5-3 so far and have a new wide reciever in Randy Moss. Same Moss who started the season for the Patriots and then went to the Vikings who also found it hard to believe that this guy is 2nd all time in most receiving TD's. We will have to see if he can fill Britt's shoes. Kenny Britt who is out with a hamstring injury from last weekend. Moss won't know the playbook yet and I can't see him giving the team the edge here. Miami are bound to win at home now and Titans are just the team they want to play here. In 6 matchups against Titans here they have won 5. 6th is coming up!!
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