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Denver Broncos VS Kansas City Chiefs match analysis

Denver Broncos: The Broncos are 2-6 and have four straight losses. The teams they have beaten are Titans and Seahawks. Losses to Jaguars, Colts, Ravens, Jets, Raiders and 49'ers. To the Raiders they lost big time 59-14 a team that the Chiefs lost 23-20 last weekend. Denver will look to quarterback Orton to feed the ball to his recievers if they wanna have a chance in this game. Kansas City Chiefs: KCC are 5-3 so far with wins over Chargers, Brown, 49'ers, Jacksonville and Buffalo. Their losses all come from away games. Colts, Texans and last Raiders have proven to tough for the Chiefs. Both their rusher Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones struggled last week but they are very proven and ranked top of the NFL. With Raiders breathing down their necks for the lead in their division they need to have a field day today with with Broncos rushing defense. Chiefs have one of the best rushing while Broncos have the worst rush defense. That for me is the most important thing to take with us before the game. Also the fact that Chiefs have the motivation because of their situation in the division. Should be a fair chance here if they are able to block ome passes down the lane from Orton.
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