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Sporting Braga VS Arsenal match analysis

It was 6-0 in first game, so I had to bet on Arsenal here. Arsenal opened Champions league with this result, and I think it was clear message to their opponents. After Braga, they beat Partizan in Belgrade (3-1), and Shaktar in England (5-1). So, big wins are not problem in this group, whoever their opponent is. In Donetsk, Shaktar was better (2-1), and now have same number of points like Arsenal. Also, Braga won two games against Partizan and they are very close on the table now. After 0-6 against Arsenal, Braga had another weak game: this time against Shaktar (0-3). They've got 6 points in two games against Partizan, but they are not better team (I am not saying that win wasn't deserved, I am saying just saying they are not much better than Partizan). In first game, they have scored from distant free kick, after mistake by Partizan goalkeeper Stojkovic. That goal pretty much decided both games. Partizan attacked like crazy in second half, and Braga use that as opportunity to score again, so game finished with 2-0. In Belgrade, Partizan again went in some crazy offensive formation, and Braga had some luck again. They have 6 points in Champions league, but they don't have quality for 6 points in this competition. Arsenal wasn't strong in their away games, as they were in home games, but they can beat Braga with every team. With this points situation, I think that no-one wants to wait last game to finish job.
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