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New York Knicks VS Houston Rockets


US United States


-2-5/NY Knicks

New York Knicks VS Houston Rockets match analysis

Well, NY Knicks usually perform well at home and Houston are still without their top players, so I do not believe they can perform here, as they could not perform away from home for such a long time. On the other hand, NY Knicks were good in the attack last game and still have the key player in the squad with a bunch of talented players thrown in. Neither team is playing well at the moment, but the Knicks seem to be a little bit better and if they can start well, they should overpower Houston. Houston have to be so down mentally after missing important players and losing so many games they should have won on the paper. Their season has gone badly wrong and who knows what can turn it around. I would not say that today can, so I expect them to continue in that poor run they are having at the moment. The handicap is quite low, so I prefer that over the moneyline. The game should be quite offensive, since neither team has stunning defense, so the winning team should be able to win by some margin.
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