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Charlotte Bobcats VS Minnesota Timberwolves




Minnesota +9

Charlotte Bobcats VS Minnesota Timberwolves match analysis

The handicap is way, way too high here if we take a close look at the team that is supposed to be such a huge favorite here, the Charlotte Bobcats. Firstly, they have not won a game by more than eight points so far. Secondly, the opposing team, the Minnesota Timberwolves has some very talented players. And what is more important, they are improving one match at a time. Yep, they have a poor record – but they have played tight matches against both the Lakers and the Hawks. So, while the Bobcats still struggle to achieve the results that are expected from them, the Timberwolves are (arguably) performing quite well. Nobody has expected much from them, but they are not bad actually. Both teams have a lot of troublesome injuries, but that should not count as an argument for either team. Minnesota seem to be the team that is more inspired, more motivated and more “in the flow”. For all those reasons, I will back them with the spread here. The bottom line is, we are looking at a team can even possibly win this – and with a 9pts start up front. Sounds like a deal to me.
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