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Dallas Mavericks VS New Orleans Hornets


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Dallas Mavericks VS New Orleans Hornets match analysis

Okay. You arguably cannot go wrong with this pick. Because value is what we get here. Okay, you may argue. The Dallas Mavericks are a great team – overall, the team might be better than the New Orleans Hornets. But is that a factor? They have beaten Miami, Denver (and remember, Denver trashed the Mavericks by eleven points), etc. And yes, they are at home – but is that a factor? The two games they have lost were at home, so there might be some added pressure. The Hornets will surely lose a game sooner or later. Noone doubts that. But the Mavericks, even though they are at home, are not a team that will scare the the Hornets. They are on a huge run and brimming with confidence. I think that the fair odds here are close to maybe 2.2 on the Hornets, so 2.64 screams value to me. I will take it with a little bit lower stakes than usually, but I am confident that this is a good pick. The difference between 2.64 and the usual spread odds is too big for me – the risk is worth the reward in this case. Let's make it 9-0.
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