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Phoenix Suns VS Denver Nuggets


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Phoenix Suns VS Denver Nuggets match analysis

Phoenix lost this summer their biggest star Amare Stoudemire, but they start this season very well. Nash is still very good, Richardson making open shoots and they play very attractive, but their defense doesnt exist. Anyway they beat Lakers yesterday in L.A. and making 22 3 points(nba record holds Orlando last season 23 3 pointers). I think that they cant repeat this night 2 days in a row. In the other side Denver have average start in season, but dont forget they play without Andersen and Kenyon Martin, both big strenght in paint and their biggest star Carmelo Anthony is not in some form anyway they win in last game vs. Lakers. Denver didnt win in Phoenix since Carmelo rookie season before 5 6 years, i dont know what is reason for that. For me Denver is much better team with better coach then Phoenix. Tonight for Phoenix is not going to play their first and only true center Lopez (injured yesterday). 2.23 is value bet for me,cause i think that Suns after yesterday great game must have fall tonight,and its time for Denver to rise up their form. Carmelo 27+ points is also very intresting
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