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Besiktas VS Hemofarm





Besiktas VS Hemofarm match analysis

This bet already lost some value as handicap line dropped a bit, but I will remain at my first thought - that I should bet on Hemofarm. Hemofarm was beaten by Partizan last year in most of the important games, so Hemofarm didn't won any trophy last year. Still, Partizan(played F4 of euroleague) struggled quite a lot to beat them, which proves their quality. They had decent start in NLB league with score 5-1, as they manage to beat Olimpija in battle for P1. But, in seventh round they have lost from weaker team Zagreb, which is disappointment. Last year, in Eurocup they had score 1-5, but those defeats weren't with big margins, and at the end, they with those results, I am guessing that it can only get better for Hemofarm. Bringing Allen IversonI, a star player to Besiktas was news number one in Turkish news. Home support will be good, but I am guessing that they will need some time to fully use their newest player. Hemofarm really wants to improve impression from last year, and I believe that they will be able to do it. I am guessing that bad result from their last game shows that their main focus was on 1st round of Eurocup.
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