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Milwaukee Bucks VS L.A. Lakers



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Los Angeles Lakers (-3.5)

Milwaukee Bucks VS L.A. Lakers match analysis

The NBA’s highest-scoring team (Lakers) will look to do so when it takes on the league’s top defensive club (Bucks) tonight. Lakers after 8:0 start in season have 2 lose game in a row, in Denver 112:118 and home vs. Phoenix 116:121, tonight they play against very good Bucks who have 3 wins in a row. Lakers is biggest favorite to win nba ring this year for me, they have everything - one of the greatest coach in history, great defenders,experienced point guard, excellent Bryant, one of the best centers in nba (Gasol) and very long bench. Sow i cant believe that they can lose three games in a row this year, specially with healty Gasol and Kobe. Los Angeles has won five straight in the series, and Bryant is 21-4 against Milwaukee in his career. Milwaukee play tonight without Redd and maybe Delfino and Lakers without Bynum and Ratliff. Tonight is safer to play match winner on Lakers 1.62, but i think that they can win +4 points and odds on that is very good so i play tonight handicap on Lakers with medium stake
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