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Washington Wizards VS Toronto Raptors



Toronto Raptors -1

Washington Wizards VS Toronto Raptors match analysis

Well, I have missed the (a little bit) better odds earlier in the day, but at least I now have the clear picture. The Washington Wizards are an average team – they have done well sometimes, but they are nothing spectacular and the record reflects the situation accurately in my opinion. On the other hand, the Toronto Raptors also have a poor record, but they played well against both Miami and Orlando – and those were pretty tough games to play. I rate the Raptors to be marginally beter. But only very marginally. So what is the clincher here? The injuries. The Wizards have Blatche injured and although he should play, he will not be fully fit. However, they are also missing the most important player, John Wall. He really is the cornerstone of the team and, in my opinion, they will struggle without him. They also miss Yi Jianlian, but the Raptors are also missing some players from the bench, so that is about equal. Two equal teams, but one has the best player missing. My choice? The second one obviously.
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