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Milwaukee Bucks VS L.A. Lakers



US United States


LAL -3.5

Milwaukee Bucks VS L.A. Lakers match analysis

The Lakers have been losing too much to their liking lately, but they had a break and will now be playing against an average team, the Milwaukee Bucks. I fully expect the Lakers to bounce back from the poor run here – they have the better team man-by-man and if they find the right rhythm again, they will be very hard to stop. The Bucks are all about defense, but they will be up against one of the best attacking teams in the competition, so I do not really expect them to be able to deal with it. At least their recent record suggests that they have problems dealing with better teams. I would not look too much at the trends that concern this game. The Lakers are simply the better team and they should bounce back in about the same manner the Magic bounced back yesterday. Not much to read about injuries – the Bucks may miss Jennings, but the Lakers may miss Odom. Today, it is the very highly rated team against an average one and I will be all over the favourite that is expected to perform once again.
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