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Miami Heat VS Phoenix Suns



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Miami Heat (-7.5)

Miami Heat VS Phoenix Suns match analysis

Miami, team with three big stars Bosh, Wade, James start season very average. A lot nba experts say before season that they can take a record 'most win in regular season' (chicago bulls hold this record with 72:10), but they already have 4 defeats in 10 games. Phoenix have also 6:4 this season but for them is that score great, they won in last three games vs. Kings, at Lakers and vs. Denver. Miami is very physical team and Phoenix isnt and they have that advantage and Miami is going to be very motivated tonight because after last two home poor games , lose vs. Boston and win vs. Toronto only 9 points, they must show that they are legitimate candidate for be a champ this year. The Heat attempt to build on just their second win in five games as they host the Suns tonight. On coach Spoelstra is big pressure, they must be a much better, if they don't he gonna be a fired and Pat Riley on of the best coach in history, who is now Miami general manager, will be a head coach. Tonight Suns play without Lopez, and Maimi without Miller. Tonight i expect Heat win 10+ points
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